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Close Your Eyes.

Be Present.
Drink Mindfully &
Love the Moment.

Close Your Eyes.

Be Present.
Drink Mindfully &
Love the Moment.

elevate Your

Coffee Ritual

Our coffee is steeped for 12+ hours because there's some crazy magic that happens when you let coffee take its time. A slow, patient brew, using cold instead of hot water, creates coffee that's smoother and delightfully complex.
But the best part is - you don't have to wait at all.

Invigorating &
Fresh Caffeine

Easy to Prepare
& Ready to Mix

Enjoyed with
Water or Milk

Fairtrade &

Rich in Costa
Rican Taste

Taste Incredible Hot
or Wonderful Cold

How-to Use:


Pour about 2oz of NuBrew

Step: 2

Add about 8 oz of hot/ cold/
ice/ water/ milk

Step: 3

Mix it. Be Mindful. Love it.

Rise & Energize

With these advantages

No Crash.
No Jitters.

Reduced Acidity &
Easier on the Stomach

Invigorating &
Pleasant Caffeine

in Seconds

8+ Smooth Servings
Per Bottle

Become Your

Personal Barista


100% Arabica coffee from the Tarrazú mountains, grown at an elevation of between 3,750-5,000 feet above sea level.


We hand-picked the bean by size to select only the quality coffee bean. An artisan process ensures the best quality.


The roasting process includes only hand-picked beans to medium dark levels, using ascending temperatures lasting 20 minutes top period.


Steeped for over 12 hours, the brewing process extracts the finest quality and taste notes of authentic smooth and velvet coffee.

Tasting Notes

Tasting Notes

Well-balanced with heavier body and bright, with flavor notes of tropical nuts, dark chocolate and citrus fruit. Rich flavor of cocoa, sweetened with sugar cane and honey aroma enhanced with notes of green apple will leave a smooth creamy full body after taste.



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